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Change of Address - Permanent Only

  1. Change of Address - Permanent Only

  2. Tenants Must include this number

    example:  4900123-0

  3. Please Change Mailing Address as Follows:

    (for permanent address changes only - no temporary seasonal changes please)

    All tax and water/sewer bills will go to this address. 

    Please note: the mailing address must be the same for tax and utility bill (residential properties)

  4. Please sign electronically, by typing your name
  5. Property Tax Deduction - are you receiving a deduction on this property?
  6. Please check the deduction(s) receiving:
  7. - For a Senior or Disabled Person Property Tax Deduction, you must reside at the property.

  8. - For a Veterans Property Tax Deduction, you must be a resident of NJ & not be receiving the full deduction on another property.

  9. Please use a Final Meter Reading Form for all Real Estate Closings or Tenant Changes

    ***Finals are Required for all closings and tenant changes.

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