Essay Contest

Essay Contest
The Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee (WTEAC) holds an environmental essay competition every year for Wall's high school students. The dates for this contest vary each year, but the themes are the same!

Topic Examples
  • Waste, water, noise, and air pollution control
  • Resources: air, water, soil, vegetation, and animals
  • Manasquan, Wreck Pond, and/or Shark River Watersheds
  • Ocean dumping, recycling, and grants
  • Open space / farm land preservation
  • Ecology, conservation, and marine life
  • Toxic and chemical water; health hazards
  • Wildlife refuges and environmental technology
  • Any other specific environmental entity of your choice
Important: Essays relating to Wall Township will be excluded.

  • The length of the essay will consist of a minimum of 2 double-spaced mailable pages or 3 pages maximum. Letters and Wall Township Essays will be excluded from consideration
  • Essay must be typed in final mailable form. Essay is expected to be positive, original, and well-researched
  • Essay should state premise, opinions, and conclusions
  • The final 20 entries will be selected by the Wall High School Coordinator and submitted to the WTEAC Chair of the Environmental Essay Contest by an agreeable mutual date
  • Evaluation of the final winning entries will be determined by the Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee. The committee will maintain entries of all winning essays. Essays may be utilized for potential public relations publicity for education and awareness regarding environmental issues. If warranted, winning essays may be displayed at the library
  • Awards will be presented by a Wall Township official and a WTEAC member to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior grade level. Awards will take place at Wall High School, at a mutually agreeable date
  • The Wall Township officials and committee members will issue their congratulations in the form of a certificate, ribbon and $50 bond for each of the 1st place winners (4 bond winners)
  • A ribbon and certificate will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as honorable mention winners
The Superintendent, other school personnel, township officials, and committee members may be invited to the award ceremony.